Mistress Erin


I affirm that Mistress Erin owns my cock

Mistress Erin informs me when her cock is allowed to cum with her masturbation schedule

My cock is disciplined and managed by Mistress Erin

My cock is Mistress Erin’s cock, and I call it her cock

Mistress Erin cares for and knows what is best for her cock

Since my cock is owned by Mistress Erin, I no longer touch it, and wait for her permission

I worship and adore Mistress Erin

She knows what is best for her cock

I trust in her training, and she allows her cock release when she decides

Mistress Erin’s instruction makes me a better masturbation slave

Mistress Erin is kind, fair, and loving. She is my Mistress.

Since you are under strict control, the schedule will be as such:

Day 1 : today’s edging is done to pictures of me on my blog, and every day until I take the right away:

Stroke and edge for 30 times, stopping just before any orgasm. Choose a picture and worship it declaring you are doing this for your own good and for me.


Day 2 : choose another picture, stroke and edge for 35 times, worshiping the picture after and declaring you are becoming stronger in your control for me.


Day 3: choose another picture, stroke and edge 40 times, worshiping this picture, affirming again you are becoming stronger.


Day 4: another picture, edging and stroking this time for 50 times as instructed above to pictures and devotional sayings in your own words.


Continue another day adding up to 100 strokes and edges, all done in two sessions within ONE hour. Do not cum.


When your program is over, send me an email to set up a session and I will decide if you will enjoy an orgasm and when