You love the humiliation of being reminded of the little short cummings you have in your pants, don’t you?? Well that is just lovely because you might as well make the painful reality that Mother nature screwed you in the dick department something you get pleasure out of, right?

Erotic Phone Entertainer

This affirmation will help you embrace your puny penis….because we both know that no about of tugging is going to make it any better; because if it did you would have a monster dick by now *giggle*. Read the following affirmation morning and night to reinforce both the acceptance and the humiliation of having a pinky pecker.


I have a small and tiny dick

I jerk off a lot and cum real quick

If I’m lucky enough to get some

Before I’m in I have to cum

I have a stumpy small and thin

When I get lucky

She asks is it in?

Now I will embrace my fate

To not get laid and masturbate