I have a small penis and I am grateful to have a small penis.

I know that my small penis is the amusement of dominant women.

I wake up every day happy and satisfied to know I am of service.

Because my penis is so small, I make women happy with laughter.

It takes little effort to excite my small penis because of it’s size, and very little effort to cum when allowed.

I glory in my panty collection because a small penis always looks best in sheer pink.

I have an active and satisfying social life because I am always invited to entertain at CFNM parties.

I have a two inch dick becoming smaller and smaller

My penis is shrinking smaller every day

Finally my small penis is the smallest in the world

I am proud of my size.

princess britany

Bitch Blogger


Masturbation assignment:

Because you have a little cock, the assignment will include items, otherwise, masturbating a very small cock would get monotonous. What you will need is a small throw pillow to hump, a daily pair of panties, some tweezers with rubber tips, a small vibrator, and some ribbon of any color to tie your little cock back, satin only.

Day 1: Pillow Pumping

This is done with panties so as not to stain the pillow. You are allowed only 10 edges today pillow pumping in any position that gives you the most frustration. You can do it on the floor, on the edge of your couch, however you prefer. Consume any precum. Keep pillow out for the second circuit and also for reflection.

Day 2 : Vibrator and Tweezers

With your tweezers holding up your little dick, vibrate it to 10 edges. Do not cum. Leave these items handy for the second circuit

Day 3 : “Ribboning”

Take your satin ribbon and tie little cock by the head if you can find it. Hold the end of the ribbon back and masturbate by pulling it back till you edge, look in the mirror and notice how your little tied back cock looks as a pussy. Be proud!

You will do 3 circuits of these exercises without cumming. Email me at britany@enchantrixempire.com when finished to let me know of your results and if you want a call, would like to be written about on my blog, or would like to continue with more circuits.

Good luck little man 🙂