Hello tiny dicked one! Ready to stroke? Not so fast! I’m aware that many of your are not only small but you also cum very quickly. So this stroking fest consists first of standing naked in front of a mirror and just making the gestures as noted in the instructions below. Stroking will come into play but not until you have properly humiliated yourself.

Mistress Audrey

Mistress Audrey

I have a tiny penis. (make the gesture of a tiny penis in the mirror)

My penis is so small I only need a few fingers to stroke it. (lift 2 fingers to yourself in the mirror)

I tremble when Mistress slyly laughs and hints that she knows about my little secret. (shiver and tremble like you’re doing a dance)

I know that she knows that I am unable to satisfy her. (shake your head in agreement)

I wish I had a big hard cock but I don’t. (make a gesture of a big cock)

I have a teeny pee-pee that can’t satisfy a woman. (make a gesture of a tiny cock)

I love when women laugh at my small cock. (laugh at yourself in the mirror)

It makes me hard when Mistress tells me I’m a dickless wonder. (now pet your tiny pee-pee)

I get excited when I see women flirting with real men. (again stroke your tiny pee-pee)

I have never satisfied a woman with my tiny penis and I never will. (shake your head no at yourself in the mirror)

I am stiff just thinking about how real men can make a woman cum. (touch your tiny hard pee-pee)

I am a small dick loser. (start stroking and keep going as you repeat this line over and over until you cum)


If you would like to hear my narcotic voice read you these affirmations while you stroke, make sure to arrange a call with me so I can humiliate you in person.