If you’ve wondered about the effectiveness of a mantra for focusing the mind and attention, you’ve probably already done a little research and now that your mantra needs to be short, pithy, and on point. That’s why I’ve created this submissive mantra for you! As a starter mantra and affirmation, it’s aimed at helping you get started with a daily habit of mantra recitation. And yes, the best way to build a habit of mantra use is to use your mantra daily!

For those who are new to mantras…

Submissive Mantra for Masturbation Mistress Harper 800 601 7259The term comes from the Sanskrit language, and Tantric Buddhist practice, and means a word or sound repeated to aid in concentration. It basically works by helping to distract your conscious mind, so your unconscious mind can get some work done! Think of your consciousness as a busy young person, always into things, knocking things over, making a mess, and constantly, endlessly, talking. That’s your mind busily thinking, again and again. You can use a mantra like a chew toy: give your mind something to think about and focus on so it’ll stop thinking about work, and schedules, and when should you do the laundry, and what if that person at work doesn’t like you, or the neighbor looked at you funny, and how about that time back in college when you did the embarrassing thing? A submissive mantra is aimed at making your conscious mind shut up, while opening your unconscious mind to greater submission and deeper erotic pleasure.

Best use of a mantra?

For your best practice, try to make use of your submissive mantra when you’re awake and in a peaceful location. You can rely on a mantra to return you to a baseline, but that’s for after you’ve already established some patterns with your mantra. So, pick a spot that is fairly quiet, private, and comfortable. You’ll want to avoid using your mantra as a sleep aid, lest you accidentally train your mind to fall asleep when you say your mantra. Don’t lie down, for the same reason! No sleeping on the mantra. Sit up, feet on the floor, spine straight, and try not to fiddle with anything. A peaceful and serene environment is best because it has less for your busy busy mind to catch on and get distracted by. You’ll want to both speak aloud, and focus mentally on your mantra. Try to envision the words as you’re saying them aloud, to maximize your focus.

Your submissive mantra can really help you accept your place!

Remember to repeat your submissive mantra every morning, to start your day off right, and right before bed, so your sleeping mind can internalize the meaning of the mantra. You can choose to make your own mantra, or you can use one of the suggestions here, but if you choose to make your own, remember to make it short, to the point, and not too much of a tongue twister! Your mantra needs to be easy to say and remember, so that you can work on simply repeating the mantra instead of worrying over the verbiage. Set a timer, and repeat your mantra for at least five minutes at a time, while sitting comfortably upright, focused on either an image of your Mistress, or on a plain, undecorated wall.

Try one of these mantras:

  • I am submissive to my Mistress in all ways.
  • My submission to my Mistress fulfills me.
  • I love being submissive to my Mistress.
  • My submission is a gift that I give freely.
  • Or, listen to the audio attached here, and use that mantra as your model!

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