This is a mantra that all submissives must learn and recite for me. This is your assignment: you will say this mantra three times a day. The first time will be when you get in your car. Look in your rearview mirror and say the mantra out loud. I want you to say it quietly at first. Then you will get louder and louder each time. Do this 10 times. Then you may start your car and go to work. The next time you will say your mantra is before lunch. you will say it quietly to yourself, word for word. 10 times. Now you may eat. The third time is before bed. you will think about your Mistress as you lie in bed and clear your mind. This is time you are devoting to your Mistress and showing your devotion. After you have said it 10 times, you may sleep.

The Sexy Truth

The Sexy Truth


This affirms what I am.

I am a submissive to my Mistress Meredith.

When I wake, When I go to bed,

I submit to my Mistress as the owner of my cock.

I submit to the directions of my Mistress.

I submit to pleasing Mistress as my goal.

I submit to Mistress Meredith having control.

I submit to the decisions she makes for toys, feminine clothes,

and other aspects of my physique.

Mistress Meredith owns my cock.

I submit to her wishes.

I submit to her desires for her pleasure.

I am submissive to direction and the goals she sets for me.

To please Mistress, I am her submissive.

I am happy to wear panties.

I am happy to wear lipstick, bras, and other feminine things.

I submit to make Mistress happy,

I submit to Fuck and Suck a dildo, and moan happily.

I submit to eat the cummies if she so desires.

I am the submissive of choice, as I submit to my Mistress Meredith.


Write this out on index cards. Post them on your bathroom mirror, have one in your car and keep one near you at all time for any free time to recite it. In addition to your daily requirements, you should recite this slowly over and over any chance you get. you will find it appeals to your submissive nature and calms your mind. you will feel happy and relaxed reciting your mantra. It will affirm your true submissive nature and desire to please your Mistress.