Affirmations are often used in Zen Buddhist practice to help train the conscious mind; that use has bled over from the search for mental peace to the yearning for erotic bliss. The thing is, though, that Zen allows room for erotic bliss! A celebration of the sensual is perfectly allowable in Zen practice, and affirmations to bring about a calm, peaceful, steady state of mind and body are, in fact, rather traditional. That said, I do like to kick my sensual Zen affirmations up a notch, so here’s one of my personal favorites.

In this moment, all is well.
I am at ease, safe in my world.
There is no cause for worry or stress.

In this moment, I create my world.
I am at rest, no need for effort.
I float in beginningless enlightenment.

In this moment, I am breathing.
I am alive, energy flows through me.
There is peace and ecstasy here.

In this moment, my flesh is aware.
I am energized, awake to sensation.
There is sensual bliss now.

In this moment, my body is aroused.
I am free, touching my temple.
There is no shame or fear in this.

In this moment, I can follow my impulse.
I seek the ecstatic.
There is orgasmic bliss now.

For best practices, repeat this mantra, or any given stanza of the mantra, whenever you feel yourself falling from that energized sensual state. While one may feel free to orgasm physically, while using this mantra, one would most likely find the best results from trying to maintain a state of energized arousal.

Mistress Harper