It’s so easy to wind up absolutely full of despair and self disparagement about your desires and fantasies. There’s all this pressure on men nowadays to perform masculinity perfectly, and that’s just such a downer. When you have domination fantasy themes in your erotic desires you can wind up denying yourself out of some attempt to be a ‘real man’. Self denial is boring and awful and I think you shouldn’t do that to yourself. Denying you is my job, anyway, so you should be more kind to yourself and have that indulgence from time to time. Let yourself want what you want and take steps to get what you need in life. And that includes whatever makes your dirty erotic heart go pit-a-pat.

Domination Fantasy Affirmation

What I have for you today is an affirmation to reassure yourself with! Your desires for submission and cock control are perfectly normal and are NOT things that should be ignored and denied. This is an important part of who you are, deep down inside, and they aren’t things that should ever be used to shame or demean you (unless that turns you on and you’ve agreed to participate in an erotic humiliation scenario ahead of time.) Not all men are dominant alpha male types, no matter what talking heads on the platform formerly known as Twitter might say. Remember that every time someone goes out of their way to try to make you behave in a certain way that they gain something from your compliance and self hatred. Try to move towards the places that make room for you to be what you are, the way you want to be. Move towards greater personal freedom and expression and not away from that. Your need to be good and obey is not a bad thing! On to the affirmation:

Repeat As Needed

My desires are healthy and good for me.
I yearn to submit, and that is good.
I yearn to submit, and that is fine.
I yearn to submit, and that makes my Mistress proud.
My desires are good.
My desires are what make me whole.
What I desire is what I work towards,
where I put my effort is into myself.
My desires should not be denied!

Remember the Tantric Mantra method! Close your eyes, and focus on your breath, and your body. Relax your jaw, your shoulders should drop down. Make sure you’re not clenching your fists. Sit with your knees at least two hands width apart, if not wider! Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat “I yearn to submit” over and over again. Let the sounds of the words become meaningless in your mind.

Ready To Submit Yet?

If you’re not quite ready to admit that you need to be guided, controlled, and dominated, that’s fine. You’ll get there. As you begin to use this domination fantasy affirmation method you’ll soften towards your own needs and desires. Instead of building the emotional habit and associated callus towards your desires, you’ll find yourself becoming more accepting of your own fantasies and wants. This is a good thing! It can feel a little scary, to begin to stretch yourself towards your own liberation from social conditioning. There is still all that pressure from the outside world about how you’re ‘supposed to’ be and act, and you’ll find yourself backsliding into the comfortable habit of emotional self censoring. Just go back to your affirmation, and back to the kindness and compassion towards yourself that leads to the deepest of all freedoms: the freedom to be yourself even in the face of our culture’s insistence that you be different. The freedom to be the pervert you really are.

You Know What To Do

Like falling down, when you’re ready to give in to your domination fantasy and make it a reality, you’ll call me up. It will feel easy and natural to ask our dispatchers to let you speak with me, and then, to tell me what you’ve been dreaming about. And I’ll meet you with the same compassion and kindness, and help you make that scenario into a reality. You need to be guided and controlled, and I can give you that. When you’re ready, it will be as natural as breathing.


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