Sometimes we give you a masturbation affirmation to assure you that what you do with your own genitals in your free time is perfectly acceptable. This time, I’m gonna give you a Tantric Mantra for Ecstasy, because I’m kind and generous that way. Now, if you’ve never chanted a mantra before, this can take some explaining, because there’s some posture and breath awareness you’ll need to practice, but it’s pretty easy. I also have to let you know that playing with Tantra can be really mind-blowing, but probably not quite in the ways you’re thinking of. Let’s dive in!

Tantric Mantra For Ecstasy

Tantric Mantra for Ecstasy by Mistress HarperWe should probably start by making sure we’re on the same page in regards to vocabulary. When I say “Tantra” I’m not talking about Western Sex Tantra. I mean the real deal, Vajrayana, meditation, discipline, and patience. Oh, and decidedly not cumming. Real deal Tantra often doesn’t allow for ejaculation, especially for men. You’re supposed to practice semen retention. You can orgasm, but not ejaculate, and yes, it’s very possible to separate those two. Most men do experience both at once, but you can find the ecstasy of orgasm without making a spermy mess all over yourself.

Did you catch that? I called it the ‘ecstasy of orgasm’ on purpose!

The Ecstasy Of Orgasm

There are a few practices that you can undertake to separate out your orgasm from your ejaculation, and once you do you’ll know why Tantra is sometimes called “The Path of Ecstasy”. You can make use of chastity, cock rings, and other sex toys to prevent ejaculation while allowing orgasm, or you can use your mind and will to do the same thing. Toys do make it easier, but they can become a crutch and hinder your practice. If you train yourself to cum with a specific toy, and then your toy breaks, you may find that you can’t cum at all! It’s important to vary your masturbation so that you don’t wind up dependent on one particular method or sex toy. In the same way, learning to use just your natural built in equipment to reach ecstatic states of being is the wiser path.

Ecstatic States Of Being

Tantra talks about ecstasy a lot. The practices of Tantra are designed to induce ecstatic states of being. If you’ve heard the famous legend of a rock star who could fuck for six hours and had orgasms for hours on end, then you know that Tantra can be great for you sex life. Keep in mind, that rock star? Probably not ejaculating all that time! But ecstatic orgasms? Definitely. The Tantric Mantra I’m going to teach you can help you reach that level of bodily ecstasy.

How To Use A Tantric Mantra

If you’re thinking that you’re gonna use a Tantric Mantra the same way you use any of the affirmations here, you’re both wrong and right. Kinda. Most of the time, folks use the affirmations found on this blog while masturbating, as a way to focus their mind and increase their pleasure, or reassure themselves that what they’re doing is good and correct, or that their porn addiction is fine. You can do that. But to properly use a Tantric Mantra in particular, you need to arrange your posture, pay attention to your breath, and do NOT deliberately touch your genitals. They’ll be involved, sure, but don’t reach down there and start wanking.

Posture: Sit comfortably, with your spine as upright as you can get it. Tilt your hips back, and spread your ass cheeks so that your literal anus is sitting on the floor or cushion. I’m very much not kidding. You can sit in lotus or half lotus, or in a chair with your feet on the floor, whatever is comfortable for your knees. But the absolutely non-negotiable part is the upright spine (no laying down!) and the anus as close to contact with the surface as you can get it. Roll those hips back, and if you catch yourself shifting, just get back into the correct posture.

Breath: You will aim to breathe IN through the nose and OUT through your mouth. Every breath should be as full as you can make it. Breathe in all the way into your stomach, letting your chest rise and stomach expand, then out as fully as you possibly can. Yes, even as you’re chanting! In through the nose, out while chanting until there is no breath left in your body. CONTROL the inhalation so that you do not gulp in air. Breathe in slowly, calmly, fully.

Focus: Pay deep attention to your body and the way you feel as you use the Tantric Mantra. If you feel pain, panic, upset, nausea, or any negative sensation, stop. Dizziness is normal, but if you faint or grey out, stop. There is a way to move past the negative somatic response but you are not practicing that here, you are learning to use a mantra properly. Beginner steps: you’re not ready to learn how to master the negative emotions through meditation and trying without knowing what you’re doing can harm you. Focus on your body, and let the words of the mantra flow from your lips. Perfection is not necessary, and you can ignore the words if you really need to.

The Green Tara Mantra in SanskritThe Mantras: The Tantric Mantra is the words that you chant or sing to bring out enlightenment, ecstasy, or to focus the mind. In this case, there are two I’m going to present to you. The first is the Green Tara Mantra. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha You don’t need to know what the words mean for it to be effective, but if you’re curious you can read more about it. In fact, if you head to The Green Tara Mantra you can find word by word explanations and a video featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama chanting the Green Tara Mantra.

The second mantra is one of my own creation. To Sit and Breathe Is To Find Ecstasy Remember to focus on bodily sensations, and let the words become meaningless sounds that carry your breath into the world.

When chanting a Tantric Mantra, you can do as the Dalai Lama does and chant rapidly, or you can sing the words slowly. The key is in the repetition and allowing the words to blur together in your mind until you no longer conceive of them as words but as pure meaning. Remain aware of your physical body as you sit and breathe! This is not a Western meditation daydream practice, but an exercise to bring your awareness into the physical and induce bodily ecstasy. Your goal is an orgasm, eventually. Do not be upset if you cannot cum in 15 minutes! Remember the rock star: he took literal hours for his practice. For you? Set a timer and aim for no more than five minutes at a time starting out, increasing by thirty seconds each day.

Ready To Chant?

If you would like to practice in tandem with someone, remember that you can easily call and ask me to guide your practice. Make sure to be specific when you’re asking, because I do practice Vajrayana, and may wind up denying you an ejaculation when you really wanted to be messy! Tell me up front if you’re looking for Tantra or Western Sex Tantra, just so we can all be on the same page. I’d hate to leave you feeling the bodily built up semen pressure and aching balls of a denied orgasm by accident! (on purpose? Well, we all have hobbies.)

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