There really is just something so satisfying as a Mistress about driving a needy submissive man to the very brink of orgasm, and then either denying him, or ruining him. But this isn’t about the benefits to your Mistress, this is about the benefits to you, as a man, of learning to enjoy and even revel in a ruined orgasm. Ruined orgasms make you better at so many things, and in so many ways. I want you to take this affirmation and mantra straight to heart, and live by it for at least a month. Live by these words and you’ll see the immense benefits to you! I guarantee that if you give me one month’s obedience, you’ll be an intensely changed man by the end.

Ruined Orgasms Make You Better

Most men live their lives in a haze of distracted mental energy and a lack of focus and drive. What causes you to be so intensely distracted? Lust, of course. The need of the flesh to continually seek out and experience the momentary and fleeting endorphin rush of an orgasm. I know how to alleviate that distracted lust and replace it with a heightened sense of purpose, drive, and a laser-like attention to the details that truly matter in life. A ruined orgasm gives you the same endorphin rush and fleeting relief from endless desires, while also helping you retain the very urges that drove you to masturbate in the first place.

Harness the Power of a Ruined Orgasm

Mistress Harper Knows Ruined Orgasms Make You Better Imagine that you could take yourself in hand, and refocus your attention through positive feedback, affirmations, and then couple that focus to your sex drive in a way that increases your productivity, as well as all your positive character traits? A combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, chaining behavior, positive feedback loops, and the very sex drive that currently steals your focus and drive, can push you to be a better lover, a better worker, and a better person in general. Here’s how it works…

Right now your brain craves dopamine and other endorphins. A fast and easy way to get those endorphins is to mindlessly jerk off. But that high is brief, wears off too soon, and leaves you craving more. The key is to link your orgasm to the achievement of a goal, and only reward yourself when you’ve reached your goal. But along the way you need positive feedback. Setting smaller goals and rewarding each of those with a ruined orgasm obtained through orgasm control allows you to do several things. You can have several ruined orgasms in a row, which provides you with a cumulative higher level of endorphins. You can motivate yourself to do tasks in stages, knowing that each step comes with a reward of pleasure and bliss. And you can arrange to complete multiple stages of your goal in a much shorter time frame, because ruined orgasms reduce your refractory period significantly.

Affirmations for Ruined Orgasms

The words we use to talk to ourselves are important, and can be deeply meaningful. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) relies on changing the way your conscious and unconscious mind work together to create your worldview and attitude. Try these phrases and mantras while you masturbate to a ruined orgasm, and add some of your own phrases to affirm your goal that you’re working towards, too.

  • I will earn my reward through dedicated effort.
  • I can reach my goals by harnessing my pleasure.
  • My pleasure leads me towards my goals.
  • I am focused on my goals.
  • My ruined orgasm makes me better.

For best effect, repeat your chosen mantra line repeatedly while masturbating, until the words seem to cease making sense. Conscious meaning should be overwritten by the repetition and intense focus on ruining your orgasm. Add your own phrases that reference whatever your goal is, but remember to keep them short, and as “I am” focused as possible. Statements of will and intent in the first person present tense are best for this sort of mental reprogramming.

Need help with your ruined orgasm mantra?

You can always call and ask me to help you craft deeply personalized mantras and affirmations for you to use, and even to help you learn to enjoy your ruined orgasm. Or perhaps you need help with the ‘ruined’ part of the project! Remember that if you really cum, you’ll waste all the effort and energy, and will need to start all over again from the beginning.

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