Sissy Affirmations for Girls

Hey girlies, here’s some sissy affirmations! Looking for an affirmation for your rubbing pleasure that acknowledges your total lack of a penis? Well, here you go this one for all the sissies that love to rub-rub-rub day and night!

It swells in my panties
My clit I must rub
As a sissy, I think about real men as I rub
I think about real hard throbbing cocks when I rub

The wetter my panties get the more I rub
My clit feels amazing when I rub
I rub cause I am no man
I rub cause I am no man

I rub cause I am a sissy
A sissy slut loves to rub
I rub cause I am a sissy
I do not stroke, I have nothing to stroke

I’m a sissy
I love to rub
Sissy Affirmations for Girls

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

There is nothing wrong with having masturbation habits or even rituals. It’s totally not a thing just for men to enjoy. In fact I think we all know, no man has ever one hundred percent cracked the code. They can be fun and all but sometimes us ladies just need to take care of ourselves. Break out our toys, and clear our minds, and get lost in our own desires. Here’s something for the girlies that are making their own fun. No cock needed.

This is my alone time
I chose to spend it with myself
I picked out a few toys
Now I’m going to make myself cum

This is my alone time
Here the buzzing of my magic wand
I love cock but it’s not what I need
Not right now

This is my alone time
Watch this sissy go
I can squirt
I can clean it

This is my alone time
I am pleasuring myself
No cock needed
At least not this time

Why Use Sissy Affirmations

I’m sure you are wondering, why should I use affirmations when I play with my clitty? Simply put if you are serious about the sissy lifestyle consider your affirmations as a form of reorganizing your brain. These words stick with you the more and more they are repeated while you pleasure yourself. These affirmations feed into your subconscious cementing the feminine changes over time.

Another way they can help is finally giving you that extra push to do something a bit more daring. Such as cum eating, so many sissies reel it in after the grand finish. After their pleasure has been satiated they feel less inclined to finish it properly. But imagine if the whole time you’re masturbating for weeks you are using an affirmation that fills your mind with eating the finished product. Try it with the one below for a whole month and see if it gives you the extra motivation.

Playing with my clit is a privilege
Eating my cum is my responsibility
A real sissy doesn’t let cum go to waste
I want to be a real sissy

I want to be a real sissy
I want to eat my cum
I promise to eat my cum
I know that it is good for me

No drop of cum should go to waste
I disappoint my mistress and myself
If I let cum go to waste
I promise to not disappoint
I will eat my cum
All of it

Affirmations are for us to enjoy, they can soothe us, they can encourage us. It is how we choose to use them that determines their effectiveness. I’m interested to see how you choose to use these. Be sure to let me know how they affect you over time, as you use them again and again!


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