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Before we jump into our erotic affirmations, a little background is in order, yes? The sex positivity movement evolved from the 1960s based sexual liberation movement, as the good boys of girls of days past shucked off their sexual shackles and societal restraints and fucked like animals, unrepentant and gleeful. The idea behind sex positivity was the notion that cultures had a generally positive or generally negative attitude towards sex, and while this may seem common sense from our lofty 2022 perspective, keep in mind that the notion that sex was a healthy, natural and shame-free was positively REVOLUTIONARY at that time. Our culture has been steeped in repressive sexual judgment and sexual shame for a long while, and while the brunt of that fell onto the unwilling shoulders of women, we all suffered in its grip.

Enter sex positivity stage right.

The sexual revolution didn’t just create yummy, delicious, toe tingling orgasms- it was a full-on socio-political movement that helped dismantle the repressive social regime of the time. For the first time in our nation’s history (for us USians, anyways) women were free to embrace their own sexuality, love their bodies and all the sensations that it could magically create, and ride as much cock as they wanted to without receiving near universal societal disapproval.

By the time the 1990s rolled around, the term sex positivity was formally coined and off we went. Current iterations of sex positivity are the natural enemies to slut-shaming (we have no shame so fuck you) or kink shaming (again, GFY buddy).

Repudiating Sexual Shame & The Miracles of Affirmations

And enter erotic affirmations stage right. Affirmations are simply self-affirming statements we say out loud or to ourselves to help program our minds in ways that support our goals. Most of you already have a practice of self-affirmations, whether or not you recognize the practice as such. In the context of encouraging sex positivity & shunning sexual shame, an affirmation practice can help you to program your brain with positive self-talk and attack that toxic programming at its source- in the brain.

Our perceptions create our reality, so if you believe you are a shameful creature worthy of scorn, well, you are right. Likewise, if you believe you are a sexual powerhouse with nice tight, wet holes that bring people pleasure- guess what? – you are also right. So, our use of affirmations is simply a tool to shift our perception of reality, which then shifts our entire reality.

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I will leave you with this final though before jumping right into our erotic affirmations- doing what you like sexually, providing that it’s between consenting adults, simply isn’t shameful. I don’t care who tells you it is and whatever reasons that they give you- you will always have a safe space to explore your sexuality here at LDW and with myself or my other sister mistresses. If feeling shame makes your pee pee tingle, we can absolutely affirm your shame as well as affirm your freedom from shame. But it’s important to me that at the end of the day, you know it’s ok to be your perverted freaky ass self and that there are those among us who share your dirty nasty predilections and proclivities.


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My holes bring pleasure to the whole world.
It is my nature to serve those around me.
My submission is a gift to all who use me.
I was made to be a sexual slave and bring my Mistress//Master pleasure with my submission.
I am a good subby boy and do what my Mistress tell me to.


I am a sweet sissy girl and love myself.
I am a sissy girl, not a man.
I am a pleasing sissy beta cuck.
I deserve to be dressed in silky panties and pretty clothes like a pretty sissy.
I bring my Mistress pleasure when I am an obedient sissy.


I feel complete when my holes are stuffed with cock.
I make my holes useful for my Mistress/Master.
Being filled with cocks is my rightful place.
I am at my best when I am worshipping cock.


My pain brings others pleasure and bringing people pleasure is my gift to the world.
My pain is cleansing and eases my inner struggle.
Pain makes me feel useful and valuable.
My pain makes Ms. Becky’s pussy wet and I am a good & obedient subby for her (I can confirm this to be true, lol).

Want More Erotic Affirmations?

Consider booking a session with me to explore some unique variations designed to speak into whatever shame we are working to overcome…. or any that we want to grow. Sometimes shame can be positively delightful and fun to play with. Feel free to contact me to book your next Masturbation Affirmation session with me, ok?

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