Note: This is geared towards people who identify as men. I will do a separate post for folks who identify as women.

One would think everyone knows how to masturbate, but that isn’t necessarily so. Maybe you do perfectly well masturbating, but are looking for something a little bit different. Perhaps you are looking for more meaning in your masturbation habit.

Masturbation is extremely mesmerizing and rightly so. You are being one with your body in a way we are unable to in our everyday lives. If you are not finding bliss while you stroke, affirmations can bring that extra bit of self-love that happens outside of your hand.

Affirmations for, about, and during masturbation can be exactly what you are looking for.

Deep Masturbation Affirmations

When you are masturbating, it is a beautiful time to do a set of affirmations. These can recognize your manhood. They can speak to your immense power as a man that you hold deep within your loins.

When you are going to masturbate, whether it is in the shower, your bed, or somewhere else, you can take a moment to breathe in and out a couple of times, readying yourself for touching that wondrous penis of yours. As you reach down between your legs, thank the Universe for your body and all it includes.

Here are a series of affirmations and mantras you can use and repeat as you begin stroking, continue, and then as you orgasm. You do not have to do all of them or even a couple. Choose one to focus on as you begin stroking and repeat it over and over in your mind as you masturbate.

Mantras to Embrace Your Masturbation Session

  • I love my cock.
  • I deserve to feel good.
  • I have full-access to my body’s pleasures.
  • My cock feels wonderful in my hand.
  • My balls feel wonderful hanging between my legs.
  • My orgasm is mine.
  • I deserve to feel the explosion of orgasm.
  • Cumming is delicious

You will be pleasantly surprised at the good feelings that can rush over you as you concentrate on a more focused masturbation session. Welcome it and repeat as often as you desire.

Mind Over Matter

If you are someone with issues relating to the hardness of your erections or even being able to get hard at all, affirmations can help in both of those areas. This does not mean you might not need medical help as well, but I promise affirmations can have a huge (pardon the pun) impact on your situation.

You see how I did not use the dreaded two letters everyone uses thinking of having penis challenges? That is something I hope I can help you get out of your mind except when talking to your doctor. It has a negative connotation and no one needs to think badly about their most precious area on their body.

Instead, think good thoughts about your cock and balls. Imagine them on a velvet pillow needing precious care. This is how you would treat them if they were behaving as you want them to, right? Why would you change that behavior just because there are some challenges? You don’t treat the people who are not feeling well in your life terrible, thinking negative thoughts about them, or screaming at them in your mind, now do you? It is the same for your penis and testicles.

Mantras Regarding Your Reluctant Cock and Balls

  • I Love My Dick.
  • My cock is perfect.
  • My cock is perfect just as it is.
  • Making my body feel good does not have to end in orgasm.
  • I will do whatever I need to do to help my body be successful in what I want or need to do.

When Things Work the Way You Want Them To

So, now you are comfortable with how your cock works. If you are not yet, imagine you are. Feel you are completely fulfilled when you masturbate. How blessed are you to be a man with a penis and testicles! Even if you are lacking in some areas, it’s okay. You are still a beautiful human being. It’s important to acknowledge that.

Your Own Perfection

  • I love me.
  • I love who I am.
  • I am a wonderful person.

It’s important not to put conditions on those affirmations. Do not add: “if I could make more money,” or “If I could lose weight.” Just BE with your Self and enjoy being on the earth at this moment in time.

Daily Affirmations to Add Joy to Your Heart

Mantras you can repeat throughout the day to affirm your strong manly self can include:

  • I am strong.
  • I am powerful.
  • I love who I am.
  • I bring joy to others.

Create Your Own Affirmations and Mantras

When you are beginning your masturbation session, open your mind and see what words come to you. If they are beautiful and good, repeat them over and over again.

  • This feels so good.
  • I appreciate this great feeling.

Email me at and let me know what affirmations you have created. I would love to incorporate them into my lessons.

Bless and thank you!