Goddess Rachel has a ruined orgasm affirmation for you! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Masturbation Affirmation pets!

As you may know, earlier this Summer W/e focused on ruined orgasms. Now that hindsight is 20/20, I’m able to reflect on what I learned about so many of you strokers who come to Me for your training, My amusement, or both.

Many of you tried ruining your orgasm for Me or another Mistress for the first time in June. Some of you have told Me that you simply can’t do it. You are such an addicted stroker, you say, that at the moment (or moments) of truth, you can’t bear to take your hand off of your cock, and let the delightful, anticlimactic dribbles fall where they may.

Now of course, I’d much prefer if I were there personally to ruin your orgasm. I daydream quite frequently about submissives just like you, tied tightly, wrists and ankles, to a straight back chair, naked, and at the mercy of a little warmed coconut oil, My deceptively strong little hands, and My sadistic streak. Alas, I have only your devotion to Me on which to depend.

The good news is, I still have control over the most powerful sex organ in your body–your brain.

(I’d like to think I have access to your submissive heart as well, but that’s another matter.)

My point is, you only think you are unable to ruin your orgasm for Me. You are under no physical restriction whatsoever. There is nothing physical stopping you from removing your hand from My stroke toy when I command it . It’s all in your mind.

And that’s something I can help you with in many ways. One of those is with the creation and assignment of an affirmation, for you to repeat daily in preparation for O/ur ruined orgasm sessions.

Goddess Rachel has a ruined orgasm affirmation for you! 1-800-356-6169

Try this one, for example!

My balls may be sore, but they hurt so good

I will ruin my orgasm as I should

My heart is happy, my balls are blue

Mistress I belong to you.

My stroking is yours alone to command

When I reach the edge, I remove My hand.

Full on orgasms should be controlled

Rationed or denied so they don’t get old.

Mistress’ amusement is what matters

Not my wasteful semen splatters.

A powerless dribble is all I need

I belong to Mistress, and so does My seed.

I hope you found this helpful, ruined orgasm playmates!

Feel free to arrange for a session if you should need specialized help in making sure you follow through when your Mistress decrees that you should ruin your orgasm for Her!


Goddess Rachel, Wrangler of Cocks, Ruiner of Orgasms